Quick Plug; Unlimited Rooting Plugs

Who we are

Quick Plug B.V. is a manufacturer of stabilised substrates for seedlings and cuttings for the professional market in horticulture. Located in the world’s leading centre of the greenhouse industry, the Westland, we develop 'growing systems' which offer our clients solutions and improvements.

Xcel Plug® for cuttings
Orchid plug

Transplant tissue culture plants quickly and easily with the patented orchid plug. Accelerated growth and easily sorted with minimal root fracture.
Xcellent Plug® -Orchid.
The Xcellent Plug® -Orchid

Made in Holland

Our solutions

Quick Plug manufactures propagation substrate for all your cuttings, seedlings and tissue culture plants. As well as encouraging uniform, good emergence and healthy growth, our products are extremely suitable for automated systems.
A summary of our products and their advantages...

Our products can also be used in other applications, such as in vertical green and for the consumer market.